I only did this on-line now as part of clean-up of e-amils, need to run. More power then my This saw got some very good reviews, but the one that clinched it for me was that someone said the saw blade that came with the saw made very clean cuts. Magnesium gear housing for durability. On Tue, 15 Jun Sie werden einmal als “Dateinamelang. I drove some 3” exterior deck screws in and out of the wood a few times.

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The trigger feel is excellent, with no flat spots, very responsive! This thing is also extremely light, especially compared to my 14V cordless drill.

Makita 6935FDWDEX 14.4 Volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit

I have a garage to fix, a bathroom that needs to be built, and another bathroom that needs to be renovated. I’ve pushed the impact driver way harder than it’s probably intended but it’s still going strong I agree with the old man.

And, cranking out 0 – 3, impacts per minute, this tool gets the job done fast, too. Keep up the good work. As you may have noticed, the torque on this is significantly higher than any cordless drill. Then please click here.


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This is a great combo. How do I save all my messages Thanks to a great Amazon sale, I paid less than what a Ryobi would cost at the big orange box, and got a much better tool.

Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. This tool is not without limitations- For example, cordlrss really is only meant to drive fasteners, not drill holes.

Torque, torque and more torque! Thank you Hi I thought I already sent you a solution for that: And the integrated high-output LED really does light up the workpiece, saving you time and frustration. It puts out a lot of light and is way better that the flashlight type lights.

See if the information on the following page helps: We’ve been MEB-free for 14 days. If EMS or trackable delivery service is selected, you can conveniently monitor delivery status.

I have been given this computer by my nephew. I only did this on-line now as part of clean-up of e-amils, need to run. I would appreciate any help with this! Where do I go to change this? It drives a wole lot more screws per charge than any cordless drill I ever used. It was the first bolt I had actually used an impact driver, but I’m very impressed with it so far.


Fakespot | Makita fdwdex 14 4 Volt Nimh Cordless Impact Driver Kit With Fake Review Analysis

Congratulations Good work people! I was amazed that compared to when I’ve used a drill on the same screws, the impact driver didn’t cause any vvolt to the screwhead. Smartlist 14 Are you able to do a group by in Smartlist?

It runs just like Millwaukee tool I have used. Qxpress – Free Registered mail or parcel services offering tracking. I don’t, but I may just be used to it. The light weight of this tool makes it a pleasure to use doing overhead work. Can someone see what is wrong on this?