Zach Starkey on drums. If you went to a show from this tour, you know that its really about a lot more than the ppl playing on stage, and the camera person did a nice job taking in a lot of the different aspects through wide shots and shots of the displays. Shot from Stones side and alot of good views of the drummer. From Uploader at Dimeadozen: Very nice image and great opportunity to see Ed singing close. Bonus on DVD 2: VOB file appears to be a still image with an audience recording as a soundtrack.

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This was a live web broadcast of the concert over the internet. Frequent noise in the image and occasional dropouts in the audio. Pro-shot; no menu and random chaptermarks. Y show from audience shot. This is shot by MTV with a single cam for a news piece they ran at the mahic.

Stand Alone burn directly from master, no chapters or menu’s and random chaptermarks. Shacky Ants Marching is when the crowd was standing.


Overall picture quality is vivid with very little white noise or sonic glitches. Most of this is shot of the screens. These are on the original recording and cannot be fixed. Very steady shot, but extreme closeups are pixelated due to a lens extender and digital zoom.

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Probably would only suit hardcore fans. MTVs Live to the 5 Boroughs. Lucky Boy is missing from Matt’s set. No menu or chapters.

I believe this was feed to the screens and fades to black between songs. Vote For Chance Tour. Don’t confuse it with the DVD labeled “3-cam mix” that surfaced shortly after the show.

Very nice looking for a vhs-sourced show. Otherwise complete and Proshot. All sound glitches dropouts, scuffs exist on MTV’s tapes and is not indicative of a idbd with my mastering. This show is broadcast on German television in almost it’s entirity. DAT dubbed with adobe premiere.

Steady, with a few obstructions from time to time. However, it is still very good overall. Video is often obstructed and shaky. That was actually 16sd 2-cam mix, done in real time. Menus, but no Bonus. If you don’t like it, listen to the stereo track.


Shot from high up, on stone’s side. The video is taken from a first generation VHS tape and the sound is taken from the best sounding audio soundboard bootleg.

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This DVD however is the full promo taping of the 1st night in London. 16fd Sullivan Theater Mini DV master x2 Audio: It’s the un-broadcast footage that garners all the attention here. Recorded complete from woodstock 99s tv airing.