To give an idea of color and overall brightness compared to a known source, I took some shots comparing its screen to my T Bottom view of N view large image. Wireless speeds seemed slower than my T60 running Windows XP, but it could also relate back to the security software preinstalled on the laptop. Nonetheless, the video performance is sufficient for simple multimedia applications and elderly, non-demanding games. As you start moving at greater angles though, you can clearly see that the colors invert.

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The contrast calculated from the minimum representable brightness black value of 0. The keyboard on the N feels similar to the Thinkpad keyboards. The ‘ Lenovo Care ‘ key lenov three further hot keys ease configuration and maintenance of this notebook, and volume j200. The N ships with a 90W power adapter that only gets mildly warm under heavy laptop use.

The noise emissions of the cooling system are not ideal. The N series is marketed with a bevy of features to allow both ease of entertainment and general usage for small business users. Speakers The sound of the stereo speakerswhich radiate to the front, is surprisingly not bad.

White levels and color reproduction are very good.

Lenovo N200 Review

If you demand more performance during battery operation, you need to recharge the battery already after about 1 hour 15 minutes Battery Eater Classic. Thereby, the difference between the darkest part at the left upper corner, where we measured Mobile Intel PM Express.


Notebook Camera Integrated Webcam. This matched with a full gigabyte of memory lets it run smoothly with its Windows XP Professional operating system.

The keyboard layout is unusualso, frequent typing mistakes are likely at the beginning and make switching to this notebook keyboard unnecessarily hard. Combined with our reference headphones, Bose in ear headphones, the sound is really strong.

High Definition movies—even at P resolutions—play with n20. Although the covers of the hinges are made of plastics, they hide strong hinges made of metal. The notebook will let you take your computing on the road, delivering powerful performance in an economic configuration.

Lenovo N AUU Notebook Computer AUU B&H Photo

With an illumination of These days I use the fingerprint scanner to log myself in, instead of having to type out my long password. Kensington lock, vent holes, 1x USB If you want to play demanding up-to-date 3D games lenlvo, you’ll definitely need to choose a more expensive computer, with a powerful dedicated video card.

Heat from the sides and bottom of the laptop was very controlled and the only hot point was next to the heat sink output grill. The N also had nice touches like Vista ultimate and a single 2gb stick of DDR2 quite expensive compared to two 1gb sticks included at no additional cost.


The size of 1. An odd power kenovo quirk with this laptop is it gives no estimation of how much battery time you have left.

It should do fine if you don’t need too much storage space for digital media files. The way this keyboard with 85 keys looks like and feels to the touch definitely reminds on the keyboards of the ThinkPad series.

Review Lenovo N Notebook – Reviews

Left side view of Lenovo N ports view large image. Besides four fast USB 2. Horizontal viewing angles are much nicer though, allowing movement all around without much color distortion. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Widescreen Display The laptop has a Loudness As soon as the lsnovo gets warm, which takes a while, the fan is controlled in a way that the noise level raises and falls between Even, those not utterly sensible might be annoyed by the high-frequency and frequently changing noise of the small fan after a while.

CNET may get a commission from these offers. It will show the percentage of charge left in the battery, but no countdown of time remaining.