International Shipping – 5 Tips For Inexpensive Shipment

International shipping can cost quite a pretty penny, therefore it is not surprising that people are always on the look-out for ways to save. Shipping companies are out to make money, but if asked directly for the cheapest shipping solutions they will be willing to help you – to an extent. Knowing your options is the only real way of getting your cargo to your ultimate destination without having to shill out unnecessary extra cash to do so. Unless you shipment needs to get to its destination yesterday – there are ways of cutting down your cargo costs – regardless off what the shipping companies tell you.

Tip 1
Choose the least expensive carrier. If you have a very limited budget, then it is best to stay away from air carriers as they are the most expensive way to ship cargo internationally. Your best bet in such a situation is to go with sea freight. Although it might take weeks for your shipment to arrive – it will and you will have saved a bundle of money in the process.

Tip 2
Another good way of saving money when international shipping your belongings is to ask for indirect routing. The concept here is very similar to when you book a direct flight as opposed to a flight with one or more connecting stops. The greater number of connecting stops the cheaper the flight and the longer you will take to reach your destination – the same holds true for shipping companies. If you choose to ship your belongings directly to your destination it will cost a lot more than it would if you chose a more indirect route involve either one or several other stops along the way.

Tip 3
The container that you choose for your shipment will also play a big role in the amount your international shipping experience will cost. If you choose a regular closed container, then you will be paying more than you would for either a smaller container, sharing a container or an open pallet. Naturally, having your own closed container will provide your belongings with the greatest amount of protection and security, however, you pay for that. Choosing to share your container with someone else who does not need a whole container either is one way of mitigating the costs, as is requesting a smaller container. Choosing an open pallet is the cheapest option.

Tip 4
Remember that most shipments are priced according to weight – therefore getting rid of all those items that you can replace or do not really need is crucial to not paying for unnecessary transportation charges. You can always replaced items such as appliances, sofas, beds, etc… no matter where you go. The things that you will want to take with you include valuables, heirlooms and other unique or irreplaceable items – the rest you can leave behind and replace once you have reached your new destination.

Tip 5
If you are a business and you will be shipping internationally on a regular basis then you might want to invest in buying your own container – it will save you money in the long run.

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