Dongle-based application protection is the most reliable way to prevent software piracy. Micro dongles are ideal for use in laptops and tablets. Guardant Stealth USB dongle. It enables you to distribute more than one license a dongle and further licensing within a local network for your clients. Supports symmetric encryption and powerful automatic protection tools.

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Why you need Guardant Sign Guardant Sign is a leading edge dongle that protects software from illegal copying.

Guardant Stealth II

Guardant Sign micro A miniaturized full-featured Guardant Sign dongle. They will be equipped with the highly productive Core i7 line CPUs.

At this stage it is possible to use any features of the Guardant Code dongle: The micro dongle features a LED for indication of operating modes and protrudes from a computer by only 5mm when connected. Supports all features of Guardant Sign Net. It has become known, that the Intel corporation is planning to produce several small-sized NUC Next Unit of Computing desktops during and Design and Integration The application of black-red color scheme is supposed to be a distinctive feature of Fatal1ty series.

Guardant Code USB dongle. Tunnel encryption of the communication protocol traffic. Equipped with tools to protect Java congle.


It is perfect for protection and distribution of software, and requires no drivers or additional software to work when combined with the HID mode of Guardant Sign dongle. Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. Provides protection at the level of local dongles by using end-to-end traffic encryption and secure license server.

The technologies implemented in Guardant Sign dongles and software enable you to create a highly complex protection system, the hacking of which will be either impossible or economically unfeasible.

Automatic protection of Win32 and.

There is bytes of non-volatile memory to store cryptographic keys, to which protected applications are bond. Tools for protection of Java applications.

Now Stealth II is being produced on the fast bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller with bytes of non-volatile memory. Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ sttealth. The device is aimed at users of laptops, netbooks, and tablets. Tools for protection of Java applications.

Guardant Stealth/Net II USB dongle driver free download for windows – ASUSTeK – M50Vm

Using a special adapter for the motherboard, you can install Guardant Sign inside the CPU, making protection as transparent as possible for the supply of ready software and hardware solutions.


The dongle contains hardware-implemented digital signature algorithms based on elliptic curve cryptosystems and AES encryption.

Designed for the protection, licensing, and distribution of cross-platform software for Windows, Linux, and OS X. Guardant Stealth II is a fast ysb with basic functionality.

A miniature form-factor of a Stealth II dongle. Functionality Automatic protection of Win32 and. Supports Android and Windows RT mobile platforms. As for the speed characteristics, all models in the series prove to demonstrate the maximal performance on random Write operations 4KB — up to IOPS. Versatile cross-platform API, which allows use of all the features of the dongle. Motherboard integration is usually given a special attention, since it will directly influence the overall performance.

Stelath Sign USB dongle.

The dongle is built on a high-speed bit RISC processor. Allows you to work without any additional drivers. Hashing based on GSII