Daniel Mediacom Pace DC7. Sorry, its not the info screen its actually the guide. Can’t test premium channels as I don’t subscribe to them. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I got all the regular cable channels and a few of the HD channels. The channel info screen will always pop up on the DCHs after a channel change. Hacking motorola dct mx2.

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External Channel Changer

Can i reprogram a motorola dch media card. Change channel first channel change works fine 3. Works with 4 cable boxes. I called Comcast, and got an appointment with a technician. P at bitrate of 4. Tune channel, press power button the put box in standby and then press “OK” twice to bring up menu or use scanfw from mythbuntu. Recording and LiveTV viewing. MPEG-4 channels don’t work with 0.

Tune channel, press power button the put box in standby and then press “OK” twice to bring up menu or use scanfw from mythbuntu. Change channel again now backend crashes. Navigation menu Firesire tools Log in. To my knowledge that’s a “no can do”.


MythTV_External_Channel_Changer – Community Help Wiki

They come up with a white screen overlaying the channel with a message that says: Using the 62xx box I had lots of trouble with glitches every 60 seconds, but this box has been rock solid even with the VIA dch320 chipset.

I finally got an 32″ lcd and i picked this up today from Comcast. Without priming it would get mostly failures when recording. However, that is no longer the case. All non premium or Pay for view channels until last spring. Thanks for the suggestion.

This does not apply to Canada where Cable. This caused the cable box show up on a different node 0 instead of 1but otherwise did not change things. Might try getting a new box if I can ever get over my laziness about it Incidentally, I am now running it under Ubuntu 7.

I have seen stability differences between external FW card and internal FW. I’ll just try what you said and see how that works. Connecting via point- to- point was flaky and not as reliable as broadcast. The binary by firewirf will use port 0 and node 1.


Problem channel changing with firewire

I guess there a couple of questions here. I don’t have any premium channels, but all others tested work. Before getting DCX I had DCH – which worked only in in broadcast mode, and would refuse changing channels after every few days required power reset and re-priming to fix, very annoying.

My name My cable co Cable box Earth All! Same process as theirs. It’s almost impossible now to have a stable DVR with it, but I can still record digital channels from time to time.

Visit Our Help Communities. Unfortunately, I think that problem is TWC related. During card setup selected Generic firewire since 6.