Genetic Interactions Negative Genetic: Functional association of essential splicing factor s with PRP19 in a protein complex. Taken together, these results suggest that Cwc22 might be associated with the spliceosome in a step after the binding of the NTC but prior to the first catalytic reaction. Gene Genes and mapped phenotypes. Endogenous and fluorescence-tagged WCW22 localized predominantly to nuclei and concentrated in nuclear speckles. However, not all of these components are true NTC components. The final stages of spliceosome maturation require Spp2p that can interact with the DEAH box protein Prp2p and promote step 1 of splicing.

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Traceable Author Statement more info. Click “Protein Details” for further information about the protein such as abundance data, domains, shared domains with other proteins, protein sequence retrieval for various strains, sequence-based physico-chemical properties, protein modification sites, and external identifiers for the protein.

CWC22 Antibody (A-6): sc-398178

Go to reference sequence details. Regulators 1 Targets cwv22. The cwc2 mark for HP-X indicates no experimental evidence for whether it can bind to the spliceosome prior to Cwc22 binding. This result shows that despite the independent binding of these two proteins, Cwc22 is required for the productive function of Prp2 in the first catalytic step. Thank you for sharing this Molecular and Cellular Biology article. A segment of Cwc22 containing the MA-3 domain and the conserved downstream region is sufficient for the function of Cwc Functional and physical interactions between components of the Prp19p-associated complex.


SGD has manually curated and high-throughput GO Annotations, both derived from the literature, as well as computational, or predicted, annotations. The addition of recombinant Cwc22 restored the splicing activity Fig. An interaction annotation is composed of the interaction type, name of the interactor, assay type e. The interaction of Brr2 with Ntr2 is responsible for the recruitment of the NTR for NT C- r elated complex to the spliceosome to mediate its disassembly Click “Sequence Details” to view all sequence information for this locus, including that for other strains.

These various submissions may originate from different sequencing projects, different types of experiments, or different biological samples.

Antihemagglutinin anti-HA monoclonal antibody 8G5F was produced by immunizing mice with a keyhole limpet hemocyanin KLH -conjugated HA peptide our unpublished data and the anti-Cwc22 polyclonal antibody by dwc22 rabbits with the full-length protein expressed in Escherichia coli cells.

Alexandrov A, et al. It lists the nodes as they appear top-down in the taxonomic tree, with the more general grouping listed first. Functional contacts with a range of splicing proteins suggest a central role cwc2 Brr2p in the dynamic control of the order of events in spliceosomes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Human spliceosomal protein CWC22 plays a role in coupling splicing to exon junction complex deposition and nonsense-mediated decay. B CWC22 deletion clones in yeast strain YSCC were grown cqc22 galactose-containing synthetic minimum medium and spotted onto glucose- or galactose-based plates after serial dilutions. Cwc22 and Prp2 bind to the spliceosome independently of each other. Nevertheless, our results clearly showed that Cwc22 is not tightly fwc22 with the NTC since none of the identified NTC components were significantly coprecipitated with Cwc22 Fig.


Pre-mRNA-splicing factor CWC22 homolog

This section includes genomic Reference Sequences RefSeqs from all assemblies on which this gene is annotated, such as RefSeqs for chromosomes and scaffolds contigs from both reference and alternate assemblies. Q9HCG8 baseline and differential.

Human Gene Nomenclature Database More Open in new tab Download powerpoint. Wed Jun 15 To determine whether Cwc22 is also required for the function of Prp2, we first examined whether Cwc22 is required for the binding of Prp2 to the spliceosome.

Independent binding of Cwc22 and Prp2 to the spliceosome. The ACAC pre-mRNA was used in order to assemble and accumulate the spliceosome within one round of splicing, preventing the spliceosome from maturation and disassembly. RefSeqs maintained independently of Annotated Genomes These reference sequences exist independently of genome builds.

WikiGenes – CWC22 – CWC22 spliceosome-associated protein

Using either the wild type Fig. Related sequences Go to the top of the page Help. Thus, the MA-3 domain together with its flanking regions may constitute a structural domain for the function of Cwc UniGene gene-oriented nucleotide sequence clusters More